The Semantic Bank with FIBO
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  Shannon Walker   Shannon Walker
Enterprise Data Architect
Deutsche Bank


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
02:45 PM - 04:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

As we have moved into the era of clouds, apps and distributed infrastructure, our data has become fragmented and scattered. Now we have specialized applications, data services, clearing houses and all manner of things that mean we must now exchange data in order to get something done. How can we standardize the content and meaning within our organization in order to achieve the following:
  • Reduce and eventually remove the need to reconcile transactions (blockchain)
  • Eliminate the need for mapping, translating and copying data in order to use it (semantic web)
  • Enable the quick deployment of products and services and remove the need for a large scale infrastructure and application rollout (cloud + appstore)
Our approach was to use FIBO as the basic language, rules and classifications to achieve this with Market Data. The results were:
  • We created a semantic layer that abstracts the market data we purchase from outside vendors into a common language.
  • We designed a portal that gave users a means to search any and all market data using the terms from FIBO
  • We removed redundant market data feeds because we could map all of them back to FIBO data concepts and see where the duplication was
  • We automated the mapping of incoming market data onto FIBO so content is tagged as its received into the estate and there is no human intervention required

Shannon Walker is an Enterprise Data Architect with over 20 years experience in ‘all things data’. She started her career as a database administrator and moved on to data modeling and database design. She spent 15 years as a data modeler and data architect working on various data marts, data warehouses, data distribution services, SOA architecture and messaging architecture. Her main focus for the past few years has been on how to make data into a semantic layer and how to use the technologies that define it, support it and deploy it. She’s been working with FIBO and the EDMC since 2013 to build up and deploy FIBO as an ontology and a common language across DB. Shannon is an Enterprise Architect at Deutsche Bank in the Chief Data Office on the Data Engineering team. Shannon as had a variety of roles in her six years at DB, including Head of Data Architecture for the CDO, Head of Enterprise Data Architecture and developing data architecture for DB’s transformational Finance program. Prior to joining DB, Shannon has held roles in data architecture in both consulting firms and financial services firms, including Citigroup, IBM and PwC Consulting. She holds a BBA from the University of Texas in Management Information Systems. She moved to London from Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas in 2007 and is originally from Los Angeles.

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