Using FIBO and Open Data to Discover Relationships
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  Atanas Kiryakov   Atanas Kiryakov


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
08:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Imagine risk analysis manager or compliance officer who can discover easily relationships like this: Big Bucks Café out of Seattle controls My Local Café in NYC through an offshore company. Such discovery can be a game changer if My Local Café pretends to be an independent small enterprise, while recently Big Bucks experiences financial difficulties.

We will demonstrate how such relationships can be discovered by using RDF graph database and a combination of open data and commercial datasets. Here is data architecture:

  • Load GeoNames and DBpedia in a triplestore together with the links between them. The result is a repository of about 1 billion facts about all popular entities from Wikipedia and has quality spatial data about all sorts of locations on Earth
  • Load in the same repository a company database from one of the Financial Data Services vendors (Factset, D&B, TR, etc.). Link companies from this database to DBpedia by matching ticker symbols. Link locations from this database to Geonames
  • Map the major classes and relationships from these datasets to FIBO
  • Make sure the triplestore is configured to support inference over transitive properties, e.g. geo:parentFeature, which encodes sub-region relationships, and FIBO’s fibo-fnd-rel-rel:controls, for control of a legal entity
  • Make a SPARQL query about businesses in a specific region or industry in USA that are controlled indirectly by other USA businesses through company registered in an offshore zone

Sounds like an idealized utopic scenario that would be impractical to implement? We demonstrate who this can be implemented with GraphDB within a month of work.

Atanas Kiryakov is CEO of Ontotext and member of the board of Sirma Group Holding. Atanas is member of the board of Linked Data Benchmarking Council – association of the graph database vendors, including ORACLE, IBM, Neo Technology, Ontotext and others. Atanas started his career as software engineer in 1989, when he was last grade in the Sofia High School of Mathematics. Kiryakov joined Sirma (the biggest Bulgarian software house) as a software engineer in 1993 and later on became partner. Kiryakov obtained his M.Sc. degree in CS from the Sofia University, Bulgaria, in 1995 with a thesis in AI. Atanas is author of more than 20 scientific publications with more than 3000 citations in reasoning, semantic databases, search, text-mining and linked data management. In 2000 he found Ontotext as semantic technology R&D lab in Sirma Group. In 2008 Kiryakov finalized an investment deal for Ontotext with VC fund NEVEQ.

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