Applying FIBO to Architecture: Key Enterprise Benefits Realized
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  Jim Logan   Jim Logan
Director and Product Manager
No Magic


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
08:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

A vast number of enterprises today are resigned to widespread financial inefficiencies, despite diligence in identifying and curbing waste. Wastage often occurs when individuals within the enterprise misunderstand one another, sign off on an ambiguous business process, or misinterpret a system requirement. Or, as is often the case, when a group must re-factor a database table that does not align with the business. In most cases, these inefficiencies can be prevented for a fraction of the total dollars wasted.

This presentation will examine this critically important enterprise issue and present a number of practical solutions to prevent these losses from occurring. It discusses how to use FIBO as a financial model of meaning and combine that with other architectural standards. Following this guidance can reduce financial waste in the organization and prevent costly internal misunderstandings from taking place at all.

This talk will tell you how you can:

  • Visually learn FIBO by importing it into a standardized graphical architecture language
  • Customize FIBO in order to create a model of meaning that precisely defines your organization’s architectural elements (e.g., business processes, requirements, services, databases, and software)
  • Validate tailored models with non-technical experts and teams, using generated natural-language glossaries
  • Integrate data across multiple systems, using a tailored model of meaning that defines elements in databases and services

Jim Logan is an accomplished enterprise architect and system architect with over 30 years of experience bringing commercial software to market and consulting to the US Government. He applies cutting-edge standards and innovative methodologies and tools to produce operational systems, specializing in Model Driven Architecture / Development approaches. Mr. Logan has extensive modeling experience spanning business, requirements, services, ontologies, information, information exchanges, and systems. He is Director of Semantic Technologies & Interoperability and Product Manager of the Cameo Concept Modeler plugin for the MagicDraw family of award-winning products.

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