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2016 Featured Speakers





The FIBO Management and Technical Conference

FIBO Management and Technical Conference is a two-day conference at Enterprise Data World conducted with the cooperation of the EDM Council (Enterprise Data Management Council). Semantic technologies are enabling key risk management and regulatory initiatives in financial services are poised to influence other industries and government as well. This two-day briefing will explain how semantic technologies work and how these EDM Council initiatives are harnessing the power of semantics to shape the future.

What to Expect at FIBO 2016:

  • Semantic Data Architecture and Ontologies

  • Getting started with FIBO

  • FIBO concepts and components

  • How FIBO relates to financial business concepts, incl. Securities, Equities, Loans

  • Practical FIBO implementation

  • FIBO relationship to other Financial Industry Standards – MISMO, FIX, FPML, XBRL, ISO2022

  • FIBO tooling and enabling products

  • FIBO case studies and experience

  • Additional FIBO uses, including FIBO in JSON-LD, blockchain implementations, and Smart Contracts.